OttiMat Efficacy:


The efficacy of human hair as an oil Sorbent has been tested and validated by NASA.  As proven by NASA, human hair adsorbs up to 5 times its weight in oil while not retaining water.  The OttiMat is ready to go to market and has been successfully tested against the primary industry competition. The OttiMat uses recycled human hair that naturally removes oil from water.  Human hair does not “absorb” (or soak in) oil as does polypropylene, but rather it “adsorbs” (or holds on) to it.  Competitive products such as polypropylene (poly) mats “absorb” oil, and the oil bonds to the material. This bonding precludes much oil from being extracted from the poly pads. However, with the OttiMat, the oil is “adsorbed”, meaning that the oil adheres to the cuticles of the hair. It is this unique property, coupled with the viscosity of petroleum-based products, which allows the OttiMat™ to be squeezed or centrifuged for recovery of the oil.  The mat can be wrung out for emergency re-use many times or burned as industrial fuel. 98% of the oil extracted by the OttiMat can be recovered. Human hair leaves less incinerated residue than polypropylene.  The OttiMat has a tensile strength of approximately 38 lbs. and can be used in large-scale petroleum recovery.


The following chart compares the amount of oil picked up by the OttiMat as compared to competitors.









  10.5” x 10.5” x .5”

2.5 Mins.


32 oz



12” x 12” x 1”

2.5 Mins.


83.5 oz


12” x 12” x .75”

6 Mins.


24.96 oz

Poly Pad

20” x 16.5” x .2”

2.5 Mins


32 oz







Competitive Comparisons:

The primary competition to the OttiMat is a pad called a “poly” pad, which is a petroleum-based product and made of polypropylene. Numerous poly pad distributors service the market.  These pads are sized in various configurations such as 12”x20”x.3” and generally pick up a quart of oil.  The Poly Pad can't be re-used and has to be disposed as a toxic material. The OttiMat picks up more oil quicker and comes in a smaller size, 10.5”x 10.5”x.5.  This saves in storage space and shipping costs, OttiMat can be re-used and is non toxic. 

The Petro-KwikSorb has to be clean after each use with a heavy duty degreaser and aerate to dry.  If the cleaning process is not performed the pores of the pad become clogged and doesn't work any more.  





Our primary competition comes from distributors. In the area of pads, we compete in price in the DoD and commercial market.  Tied to the price competitiveness of the OttiMat, our performance exceeds that of the poly pads.  The unique performance qualities of the OttiMat give it significant competitive advantages over the standard oil recovery pad.  OttiMat recovers the oil that is spilled.