the natural oil spill solution


The OttiMat™ is an innovative product that uses recycled human hair to repair and prevent the environmental damage caused by oil spills.  Comprised of 99% recycled human hair and 1% Polypropylene Skrim, OttiMat adsorbs (holds on to) oil. 






The Environmental Angle



In the US alone, 60 million pounds of human hair are disposed of in landfills each year. The OttiMat avoids the use of toxic oil cleaners in our water sources by using hair, non-decomposing materials. Human hair is easily available, low cost and hence in real sense, cost effective. "When I conducted my research, I realized that I had found a commercial use for what was, at present, a waste product. Millions of pounds of human hair is cut every day and tossed into landfills or dumped into oceans. Hair does not degrade well. In fact, some samples have been found that are thousands of years old. Using it for bioremediation of oil spills would put it to work while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste in our landfills - a real win-win situation. Also, the oil saturated bundles can be burned as fuel and energy value of the petroleum they contain can be recovered", said McCory, Inventor.